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4th January: Phased Routine Appointments

From 4th January we will be starting to provide routine check-ups and treatment again.

Patients will be contacted in-turn starting with those who were due their checkup in March 2020 first.


Please do not visit the practice without an appointment and do not call to request a routine checkup until we have contacted you first. 

With limited appointments available, the priority will continue to focus on providing care for those patients with emergencies and urgent dental needs first.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as we can.

The Parade Dental Team

8th June: Phased Re-Opening

From 8th June we will be re-opening the practice to provide limited urgent care only.

This will not be a full service and many treatments will need to be deferred until a later date.


Please do not visit the practice without an appointment.

All routine check-ups and treatment are still suspended as we focus on providing care for those patients with emergencies and urgent dental needs.

We are still available to offer helpful dental advice via our telephone triaging system on 0113 261 4228.

What to expect - The Parade Dental copy.
What to expect - The Parade Dental 2 cop

Further information

We appreciate your cooperation during this initial phased re opening of our practice. We are following all the current guidelines to make sure your treatment back with us is safe. Initially we will only be able to provide a limited service to a fewer number of patients due to a reduced capacity. All routine dentistry is suspended until we have at least managed to prioritise all the patients with emergencies and urgent dental needs.

We thought it would be helpful to explain a little bit about some procedures which cause a greater risk that are not being carried out until we have secured the appropriate level of safety equipment (known as PPE) and the training/fitting of such PPE.

When using a drill or cleaning scaler/polisher, there is an invisible mist (aerosol) that can spread the virus. Therefore the aim of every Dentist is to ensure that these procedures are carried out safely.

The NHS have been working to set up dental hubs, which have been approved to carry out such procedures. Where we are unable to carry out the aerosol procedure rest assured we will make appropriate referrals to these services.

The practice will be introducing a phased return to dentistry in current guidance to the national risk levels. We expect to return to more routine work as the risk levels reduce in time and unfortunately this is not something we can predict.

If you are suffering from a serious dental issue which can include but not limited to;

     •    Severe toothache which has kept you awake
     •    Unable to eat or sleep
     •    Swelling 
     •    Bleeding
     •    Trauma 

we will prioritise these cases.

As you can imagine over the past few weeks since lockdown began we are aiming to contact the more urgent and emergency dental issues as quickly as possible.

Rest assured we are working away to catch up and look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Parade Dental Team

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